Nokia Nearby: Hyper-local Search for Feature Phones

It wasn’t that long ago when the vast majority of phones were feature phones with little or no graphics capabilities. And, features phone are still a huge market and important in developing nations. Despite the lack of high resolution graphics and GPS in many of these phones, they are not being left out of the ability to make use of geo-location and local search. Nokia Beta Labs released an app for Nokia’s Series 40, S60 and Symbian phones to get such information even when GPS hardware is not available.

Introducing Nokia Nearby, a hyper-local search for emerging markets

Nokia Nearby provides the following features:

– Discover & access info on places & listings around your location
– Search for location specific information within your vicinity
– Share place information with friends via SMS
– Send the entire app to friends via Bluetooth
– Call the listing from within the app

Video courtesy of Nokia