Nokia N97 Home Screen Widget Samples (video): Looks Thumb-Centric?

YouTube video courtesy of NokiaConversations

After watching Nokia’s brief N97 home screen widget panels video demo, it is difficult to imagine that the N97 is related in any way to its predecessor the N96. The switch from the N Series’ traditional number keypad interface to a touch screen is dramatic to say the least. I was a bit surprised, though, but the thumb-centric use of the touch screen as demonstrated in the video. I wonder if real people use it that way too? Or, do they tend to use the pointing finger that most people use with an iPhone?

I admit I use a thumb with my iPhone sometimes when using it in a one-handed mode but never in a two handed mode. It may have something to do with the fact that I’ve never been able to type on the screen keyboard in either portrait or landscape mode. Perhaps the iPhone OS 3.0 email landscape mode will change my behavior and preferences.

Via Nokia Conversations

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