Nokia Mobile App Competition Offering $1.5 Million in Total Prizes

Not quite the last call, but Nokia is offering a total of $1.5 million (USD) in its mobile apps competition.

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There are a lot of categories to enter and win. So, read their list carefully. There are four categories:

1. Eco/Being Green
2. Entertainment
3. Productivity
4. Life improvement

Each category has a grand prize ($30K), 2nd prize ($15K), and 3rd prize ($5k). There are also four cross-category prizes:

1. Best N900 app
2. Best cross-platform app using Qt
3. Best mobile computing app
4. Best locally relevant app with global potential

Each of these four cross-category winners get $50K!

There’s also a venture capital challege with a $1 million investment as the prize (wow!).