Nokia & Microsoft Announce Windows Phone Will Be Nokia’s Smartphone Platform Going Forward – Wow!

Video courtesy of NokiaConversations

Yesterday, many hours before Nokia and Microsoft announced the results of their discussions I tweeted:

No idea if Nokia & Microsoft will team up in the phone market. But, I’m beginning to like the idea

I also tweeted:

Would really like a Windows Phone 7 device with a Carl Zeiss lens 🙂

I thought it was a good idea for Nokia to produce smartphones based on Windows Phone when such a partnership was mere speculation. And, I believe it now that it is official even though I will probably be in a very tiny minority of people who believe this.

Open Letter from CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia and CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Here’s what Nokia and Microsoft plan to do:

1. Nokia will use Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform
2. Microsoft Bing will be used for Nokia search services
3. Microsoft adCenter will be used for search advertising services
4. Nokia Maps will be integrated with Microsoft mapping services including Bing
5. Nokia Ovi (content and app store) will be integrated with Microsoft Marketplace

The synergy seems good to me. Microsoft gains the largest phone manufacturer in the world as its hardware partner. This helps Microsoft get shelf space and visibility in countries were Nokia dominates. And, this partnership helps Nokia get a foothold in the U.S. where it is nearly invisible.

I’m a huge fan of both Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone 7. In fact, one of my primary phones in recent years was a Nokia N96 while my current primary phone is a HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this partnership brings in the near future.