Nokia Launches N-Gage, Social Networking Services

Cell phone giant Nokia has begun its big Ovi mobile Internet services push.

According to Reuters, as of this morning, Nokia launched its “Share on Ovi” mobile social network site that’s based on technology the company got when it bought UGC sharing service Twango last year.


Also now live is the revamped N-Gage online game site. The new N-Gage service, which is finally launching after two false starts last year, has been turned into a service with games that work on various Nokia handsets instead of just the company’s failed N-Gage multifunction handheld game device. For now though, the N-Gage service is only open to folks with an N81 handset. Once it’s received enough feedback from N81 owners, Nokia will open the service to additional devices, Reuters says.

Share on Ovi and the N-Gage game portal join Nokia’s Mosh mobile online music service under the Ovi umbrella, with more services to come.