Nokia Lands Ovi Deal with Vodafone

nokia-ovi.jpgJust after launching their UK Music Store, Nokia just signed a deal with Vodafone to launch several handsets that support their new Ovi media brand.

MocoNews provides some analysis, saying that the deal is a huge win for Nokia:

“Vodafone is one of the largest mobile carriers in the world, and is the one in the most number of markets. If Vodafone rolls the handsets out across all its subsidiaries Nokia will get access to a large number of markets, which could improve its bargaining position with other carriers in that market. It’s also a good move by Vodafone since it will be able to promote a wide range of services to its customers, which is becoming increasingly important… although a large number of people still go for the cheapest handset, the most desirable customers are looking at what they can do with the handset.”

Nokia Signs Up Vodafone For Ovi [MocoNews]