Nokia FCam Open Source Photo API Enables Developers Opportunity to Build Leading Edge Photo Apps

Anyone who has used digital cameras notics the lack of control options in the iPhone’s camera app. There’s no preset scene modes, no white balance control, no picture quality setting, and no picture size selection. Even more surprising, perhaps, is that very few people seem to care of the iPhone’s lack of options. Most people I’ve spoken to find the iPhone’s photo quality to be more than acceptable and happy with what they see.
Nokia smartphones are near legendary for the high quality camera images produced by the top of the line N Series. The Nokia N95 was regularly at the top of the most use smartphone contributing images to Flickr for several years. Although it was dethroned by the iPhone, Nokia’s N Series phone cameras continued to be top notched and well thought of. Unlike the iPhone, Nokia N Series camera apps had all kind of options to choose from. So, I find it ironic that the most feature rich of camera phone makers has chosen release an Open Source digital photography platform to enable third party developers to create even more options and camera apps.
FCam unleashed for the Nokia N900
You can find the FCam project page at:
As you might guess from the website’s domain name (, this project focuses on the Linux-based Maemo platform. I assume it will migrate to Nokia’s joint effort with Intel, MeeGo, at some point in thenear future.