Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Stereo Headset: Nice if You can Afford It

Photo courtesy of Nokia

I was just about to skip reading about this upcoming (available in August) Nokia Bluetooth headset when I saw its headline appear in my RSS feed list. Then, I changed my mind and headed over to read…

Model: Nokia BH-905. Mission: Show all other Bluetooth stereo headsets how it’s done – video and photo gallery

…and I’m glad I did. The BH-905 is not just another BT headset. You can see that from the photo above. And, FYI, this is a “headset”, not just a pair of headphones for listening. It has not just one but ten microphones hidden somewhere in that photo. Two are for picking up your voice. The other eight are for noise cancellation.

The BH-905 also includes a cable with a standard 3.5mm jack to use on airplanes (though I see lots of people using BT headsets on planes in flight that do not get flagged by the flight attendants).

This headset looks awesome. But, I won’t be picking one up. Why? Well, the projected retail price is 285 Euros. That is $484 U.S. dollars at current currency conversion rates. That’s a bit too pricey for me.

YouTube video courtesy of Nokia