Nokia App Store to Launch With 20,000 Apps: But, How Many Will Run on Your Noka?

This Forbes article…

Nokia’s Gigantic App Store

…reports that Nokia’s upcoming Ovi Store will start up with 20,000 apps. It also notes that Apple’s app store for the iPhone opened with just a few hundred apps. Of course, Apple’s app store has grown to over 38,000 apps (according to in the 10 months since it opened up its shop. And, generally speaking, all of those apps will run on every iPhone and iPhone 3G (not to mention iPod touch devices). However, Nokia S60 devices have a great deal of variability. I’ve run into a bunch of apps (including some from Nokia itself) that don’t run or don’t run well on the Nokia N96. So, the question is: How easy will it be to identify which of those 20,000 apps in the Ovi Store actually run on the Nokia phone you have?