Nokia and Facebook Deal Rumors

David Kaplan has posted that Facebook and Nokia are working on a mobile deal that involves not only prominent positioning for Facebook but also involves an investment in Facebook by Nokia. If the reports are true, this would be a massive deal for Facebook. Some have previously suggested that Facebook is like a personal phonebook on the web. Perhaps soon Facebook will literally become an integral part of your own mobile phonebook.

David says that according to his sources there will be an integrated Facebook application that receives positioning as prominent as the YouTube icon currently on the iPhone. Discussions appear to be extremely preliminary. Facebook’s ability to prop up their valuation extremely high has enabled them to attract top-tier investors that can pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the social networking company.

Facebook has taken social networking to the next level and with their increasing coffers, Facebook will be able to continue revolutionizing the way we communicate through the web. For those that see Facebook as a simple social networking site, I believe that the next 24 months are going to prove that Facebook has become much more and will no longer simply be a competitor to Myspace and others.

Facebook is rapidly becoming the leading social network for the mobile web. There is still a ton of opportunity in the mobile social networking space and Facebook is showing their dedication in this area. Do you have Facebook on your phone?