Noguchi Out; Tech Editor Position Open

From the WaPo’s internal announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    We are very sad to announce that NPR has lured Yuki Noguchi away to become a business reporter. We will miss her energy, intelligence and enthusiasm. Yuki had a particularly strong talent for spotting stories about the impact of technology on families, friends and communities.

    Stories she did as a tech reporter included ones about romance and text messaging, online memorials, cell phone companies trying to get in touch with their inner fashionista and blogger therapy. As an editor, she continued to develop original coverage that helped our readers understand the many ways technology is seeping into our culture and shaping our work and personal lives. Yuki’s last day will be April 25.

    We are now looking for a new technology editor with the same eye for consumer stories about technology, as well as someone who can help drive our coverage of telecommunications policy, Web 2.0 and the battle between Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Murdoch and Time Warner over the online advertising revenues pouring into the Internet. We expect to fill this job from inside the newsroom.