Nobody’s Getting Digital Training As Budgets Slide

Editors of business-to-business magazines have been “left largely to their own devices” to learn the digital skills they need to run their publications, the American Society of Business Publication Editors reports.

Out of 273 editors surveyed—of which 88 percent were senior-level editors—four out of five participated in one day or fewer of digital media training last year.

Two thirds of the editors ranked training as inadequate for a variety of digital skills, and twenty-seven percent admitted that the online components of their magazines had surpassed the editors’ personal knowledge. In fact, one in three have never blogged and one in five never worked with any form of social media.

The associate director of ASBPE, Robin Sherman, is appropriately appalled: “The lack of company-sponsored training, let alone adequate training, is a major concern. Apparently, what skills most senior-level editors do have were learned and paid for on their own…Why would organizations place editors and publications at risk as a result of so little training?”

But we’re not surprised. Budgets are tight, and training is usually one of the first things to go. But on the other hand, offering training can be a relatively cheap way to retain key employees, so let’s bring training back into the workplace, please?

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