Nobody wants to be the Sexiest Man Alive

peoplemag.jpgIt’s not just the New York Times. All great news institutions must constantly struggle to maintain their journalistic standards. For instance, People is having trouble finding a sufficiently sexy hunk of celebrity sexy hunkiness to consent to being dubbed the sexiest man alive. At least that’s what RadarOnline reports, though the People spokespeople deny it.

If you ask me, refusing to be the sexiest man alive just makes a sexy man sexier. Wait, did I really just type that? Anyway, Radar‘s source claims that the magazine is being forced to stoop so low as to consider people like the mean guy on ‘Nip/Tuck’ and the crippled mean guy on ‘House’ and the guy on ‘Lost’ who, if I understand the premise of the show correctly, hasn’t showered in two seasons. Will People really put the star of a basic cable show on one of its most important covers of the year? I doubt it, actually. Smart money’s on Matthew Fox.