Canine Custody Battle Continues

Judge reportedly chuckles at Daily Mail executive's testimony.

The New York Post wins the latest round of competing coverage of a strange trial involving Daily Mail chief product officer Noah Szbuski, his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Conrad and the Doberman pinscher they once shared.

While the News’ Barbara Ross crafted a straightforward summary of Monday’s legal proceedings, the Post’s Julia Marsh weaved an account rich with anecdotal detail:

Chuckling that he must be a “dog whisperer,” Judge Geoffrey Wright nevertheless allowed Szubski to testify that his French bulldog, Bernie, was “lonely” after being separated from her “sister,” a female Doberman pinscher named Cash. “Bernie was sitting by the front door for long periods of time. She was crying,” Szubski said on the witness stand. “She was lethargic. She appeared lonely,” he added.

“Objection!” yelled Mia Poppe, the attorney for Conrad, daughter of actor Robert Conrad. “We’re entering into nonsensical types of facts,” she complained.

We’re not sure if the following detail was common knowledge before the dog battle, but both New York papers are fond of labeling Szbuski as the “$700,000-a-year” chief product officer. For an even wackier summary of Monday’s events, scoot on over to the “gangster” version of the Post known as The New Yerk Post. The trial continues today.
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