Noah K. Moves From “That One Guy” To “Who Is That Guy?” In Under a Year


By way of Waxy we found this story in the Washington Post about artist/photographer/internet celebrity, Noah Kalina, and his inclusion in the VH1 “Big in 06” awards show. The producers of the program got in touch with him and asked, for interstitials for the show, if he would do something similar to the project that made him, his “Take a Picture of Myself Everyday for Six Years” experiment, except this time with celebrities coming off stage.

The concept was pretty straightforward. I would basically take my photo in the same fashion that I have done my everyday project, just with the celebrities in the frame. All of the photos would run as a time-lapse during the credits. I even sent them photos of my bedroom which they put as the background. I had a lot of creative control as to how it was to go down, so I was satisfied.