No 'Yo Momma' Jokes on Mommy TV

Yet another social networking site has popped up, but this time for mothers. Mommy.TV is a Website dedicated to moms to post videos of their kids, interact with other mothers, and read up on the latest mom blogs. By joining the network as a member, it allows you to post blogs and comments, upload your own video, and meet other moms out there. It also lists events that other mothers might want to go to, such as the “everything baby show” or “babies fair” to network with other mothers. Another feature it offers is a suggestion to help calm babies or to keep them healthy.Overall it has all the bells and whistles that a social networking site should offer to its members. It is an aesthetically pleasing site, and seems to be aiming for an intersection between YouTube and MySpace for mothers. The best features include the posted videos and comments on the front of the page. But as with any social networking site, it is dependent on its member’s usage to become a successful website. This is a good website for mothers looking to find more information, share experiences, and even promote their writing by posting blogs or comments.

The site’s blue background is a bit of a buzz kill, making content a bit difficult to read.

You can help spread the word by grabbing a Mommy.TV badge that dynamically updates with the network’s most popular members.