No Updates for Windows Phone 7 After Mango App Updates Rolls Out. Disaster in the Making?

Microsoft’s “Mango” update for Windows Phone is will be available in some form next month. The update is a significant one that includes movement to multitasking, enhanced voice commands and integration of the People Hub with Twitter. The Windows Phone Developer Blog offers a number of tips for developers who will be submitting app updates for the Mango release. There is, however, one tip that should cause concern to current Windows Phone 7 users. Read on…

What happens when I publish a Windows Phone ‘Mango’ application update?

Here’s the piece of information provided by Microsoft that concerns me:

Once you have released the WP ‘Mango’ version of your application, you will no longer be able to modify the previously released WP 7.0 version of your app.

This means that once a developer commits a Mango update, the app on your current Windows Phone 7 device will not get any updates until the phone receives a Mango update. The “minor” NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 rolled out at a glacial pace. It took nearly a half-year to get to all devices. It would not surprise me if the Mango update took a full year to reach some first generation phones. This means if a developer rolls out a Mango app update in September, the app for your current phone will not get any new bug fixes, security patches or feature enhancements for, possibly, many months.

Microsoft needs to provide complete transparency about Mango update for first generation Windows Phone devices ASAP.