No, Slate Hasn’t Hired Jeb Lund

JebLund11Nearly a year ago, Gawker writer Jeb Lund outed his real identity, having long blogged under the nom-de-plume Mobutu Sese Seko, the infamous Congolese dictator. Another revelation: He was leaving Gawker.

On Thursday afternoon, the Florida-based writer tweeted that Slate had chosen him “to field a general blogger role.” Mediabistro – which owns FishbowlNY – linked to his tweet in Friday night’s Revolving Door newsletter, which announces new hires and departures in the journalism industry.

Slate, reportedly to the surprise of some editors, had just lost economics columnist Matt Yglesias to Ezra Klein’s as-yet unnamed venture. Could Lund – whose virtual identity screams of the pre-Facebook Internet randomness and pseudonymity – be the new marquee name at the venerable online magazine?

Not to spoil Lund’s fun — he had some people, including this apparently gullible writer, fooled — but here’s what Slate said when asked if the blogger was joining the site:

“Not true,” Alissa Neil, Slate’s spokeswoman, told FishbowlNY in an email Friday evening.

Still, Lund keeps cranking the rumor mills.

We tweeted at Lund — who had earlier retweeted his query asking whether Lund was truly headed to Slate — requesting further comment.

Lund responded a day later:

Lund’s byline has appeared in a slate of other places, though, including Vice, The New Republic, The Awl and SBNation. And he recently posted on his blog Et Tu, Mr. Destructo? We look forward to whatever comes next.