No Palm Pre at Verizon?

The most anticipated smartphone move is the long hoped for availability of an iPhone from Verizon Wireless. Though, perhaps, less anticipated, the availability of the Palm Pre from Verizon Wireless would probably be much more important to Palm than iPhone availability would be to Apple. It would seem reasonable to guess that selling the Pre to the gigantic Verizon customer base could only help Palm’s bottom line. If Palm was depending on this (and they have never said anything about partnering with Verizon), this story must be a huge disappointment…

Exclusive: Verizon Snubs Palm Pre

One commenter on offered the theory that the Pre’s strong sales for Sprint PCS prompted Sprint to extend the exclusive sales of the Pre beyond 2009. Interesting theory. But, have the Pre’s sales really been “strong” so far? I have to admit that I have seen a lot more Pre-s “in the wild” than I expected. But, is it big enough for Sprint to puruse additional exclusivity?

We’ll find out for sure early next year.