No NoDo from TMo for WinPho7 HTC HD7 (yet) – Be Patient

I was happy to see this tweet appear in the official T-Mobile USA Twitter stream yesterday. It provided a link to this T-Mobile forum HTC HD7 Knowledge Base item abou the update process.
HOW TO: Update the HTC HD7 to the Latest Software Version
The long awaited “NoDo” (no doughnuts) update process consists of two parts: Notification on the HTC HD7 and performing the actual update on a Windows PC running the Zune software.
The HTC HD7 is, as I’ve often noted here, my primary voice phone. So, I spent all day and night yesterday waiting for the update notification to appear. Alas, it did not. Here’s the reason why: The first thing the how-to article notes is: Beginning March 29, 2010, HD7 users will start to receive a a pop notification on their HTC HD7 device This means that yesterday, March 29, was the start of the rolling update process. It may take days or weeks for every HD7 user to receive the notification.
Having waited for several months for the Android OS 2.3 update appear on my Nexus One, I am all too familiar with this agonizingly slow platform update process. My advice? Be patient. It will appear on your HD7 someday. However, it may not be today and it definitely was not yesterday for me.