No Need for Website Flash Content on the iPhone: Apps Deliver Video Just Fine

Referring to the blue box that showed up during Steve Job’s iPad demo last week, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber asks…

Who Can Do Something About Those Blue Boxes?

The blue box symbol is what shows up on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad when a web page has Adobe Flash content on it that can’t be displayed in Apple’s Safari mobile browser. Personally, I consider this a non-issue. I have yet to hear an iPhone owner say: Wow, I really would like to be able to see websites with useless multi-megabyte Flash-based initial pages. In fact, the only people I hear noting the iPhone’s inability to view Flash content on websites are non-iPhone owners. There is no outcry for Flash from millions of iPhone users.

Gruber notes there are four ways to make the blue box go away and that Adobe is most afraid of option 4…

1. Adobe can’t. They can’t put Flash Player on iPhone OS on their own.

2. Apple could, but they won’t.

3. Users could make Apple change its mind by refusing to buy iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads because they don’t support Flash. That does not seem to be happening. In fact, iPhone sales are accelerating.

4. Web site producers could do it, by replacing or providing an alternative to the Flash content on their sites.

However, I contend there is a fifth option that is already dealing with the lack of Flash support on the iPhone: The one thing Flash-based feature that iPhone users want for the iPhone is video. YouTube is taken care of by a custom app. And, guess what? That’s how other video content providers have dealt with the lack of Flash too. If you have an iPhone you probably have a half-dozen news and entertainment apps (if not more) that provide streaming video content to you.

There’s no need for website Flash content on the iPhone or iPad. Let’s keep Flash off the iPhone and iPad forever.