No More Warm Beer. Stranded Carnival Cruise Reaches Land

Tugboats pull the Carnival Splendor to San Diego Bay. Photo: AP/Dennis Poroy

The 4,500 people aboard the Carnival Splendor have reached land, bringing a craptastic vacation to an end.

“It was gross when the toilets weren’t working. What can you do? There were a lot of people getting smashed off warm beer,” one passenger, Chris Harlen, told the AP. Fun times.

The ship had originally been heading to the Mexican Riviera. But an engine room fire cut the power, which also cut the air conditioning, ended trips to the pool, and made hot food impossible. Passengers and crew were stranded for three days.

PR Daily reports that the company has been posting updates via social media and the senior cruise director, John Heald, blogged from the ship. He acknowledged that some will describe the trip as “the cruise from hell” but says he kept everyone informed and praised the passengers and staff.

In addition, the AP story says Carnival’s chief executive Gerry Cahill was on hand to address the ship when it docked. What more should be done?

Update: takes a closer look at the steps Carnival is taking and advice from experts about what it should be doing.