No More iPad In-Store Pickup Reservations for Launch Day, Pre-Orders Now Shipping By April 12


If you haven’t pre-ordered your iPad already, you are unlikely to have one in your hands next Saturday, April 3, when it launches. Apple is no longer taking reservations for in-store pickup on April 3rd (those reservations ended on Friday), and if you pre-order one today, Apple promises to ship it by April 12, whereas if you’d pre-ordered it earlier, Apple promised delivery on April 3.

TUAW says if you still hope to get an iPad next Saturday, “your best bet…may be to show up at an Apple Store just before 3 PM on April 3rd. At that point in time, the stores will release any iPads that were reserved, but not picked up.” That’ll be a fun day, won’t it–waiting outside, your fingers sore from being crossed all day. Good luck…