No More Food For You!

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    We wanted to let you know that we plan to make further changes in the hours of operation of the cafeteria, effective December 1, 2006. With the recent departure of Brock’s weekend manager, and in light of the minimal usage of the cafeteria on weekends, we will no longer provide cafeteria food services on weekends beginning in December.

    We understand that this change in service hours will be inconvenient for some employees who work weekends. But the cafeteria continues to lose money — as usage and sales have declined — and our cafeteria vendor can’t justify continued operation and staffing of the cafeteria on weekends. The vending machines in the cafeteria, and elsewhere around the building, will still be available — and we will take steps to make sure that they are adequately stocked for weekends. A listing of nearby eateries that are open Saturdays and/or Sundays is linked below for your convenience. The seating area of the cafeteria will also remain open, so that we can continue to use the cafeteria space to eat meals.

    We have made several changes in the hours of operation of the cafeteria in recent years to account for declining usage and sales. We will continue to monitor the cafeteria, and will let you know if we need to make further adjustments. We appreciate your understanding of the need for these changed hours.

    Peggy Schiff

Question to Posties: How’s that gym working out for y’all?