No More Drama for P&G

In a Bloomberg story, P&G is talking up some big numbers resulting from the Old Spice/Isaiah Mustafa “Smell Like a Man Man” campaign:

— Number of impressions (people who saw, read, or heard about commercials): 1.8 billion.
— Number of YouTube views for Old Spice and related videos: 140 million and counting.
— Increase in Twitter followers for Old Spice: 2,700 percent.

With increasing activity on social media, P&G has big plans for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. But ratings for soap operas continue to decline, and the company has ended its 77-year sponsorship in the daytime dramas. The last P&G soap opera, As the World Turns, ended in September. It was P&G’s sponsorship that led to the term “soap opera.”

“Social media has become mass media, and for women especially,” said Dori Molitor, founder of WomanWise, a marketing agency that targets women.

According to the story, P&G sells Pampers on Facebook, has an app for Always feminine products, and coordinated its Winter Olympics ads from earlier this year with its social media efforts.

Moreover, the Old Spice campaign reverberated in a way that was worth every penny spent.

“The echo effect gives P&G a bigger bang for its nearly 9 billion bucks a year spent on advertising,” the story says.