Twitter Removes the Ability to Translate Tweets

Twitter Removes the Ability to Translate Tweets

Twitter has quietly removed Bing Translator integration with its web and mobile apps, which means that tweets are no longer automatically translated.

Twitter began testing tweet translation a little over a year ago by integrating Microsoft’s Bing with its apps and enabling a select few beta users to access the feature. But after rolling it out to all users a little over two months ago, it seems the company has made a quick about-face.

As The Next Web reports, the feature had allowed users to translate any tweet with a click of a button. However, possibly due to its spotty performance, the feature has apparently been shuttered.

Twitter experiments all the time with new features, many of which are scrapped before they are ever available to the general Twitter population. This was just one of dozens of experiments that Twitter decided to move away from.

However, it’s likely that Twitter will re-introduce a translation feature – whether it involves Bing or not – sometime in the near future given its international appeal. Events like the World Cup highlight the need for a global audience to be able to seamlessly communicate with each other via social media.

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