No Money, Mo Problems

There are two sides to every story, and we’re beginning to hear both regarding Erik Wemple’s departure from the Village Voice.

One of the better connected informs us that one bone of contention for Wemple was that the Voice refused to show him their editorial budget. He was also told that he’d have to fire a specific Village Voice staffer, which didn’t please him.

We’re working on getting some stories from VV’ers about their feelings on Wemple (feel free to help by dropping an email). Not everyone, it seems, agrees with the sentiment expressed in Motoko Rich’s piece in the New York Times that “[s]taff members who attended the session said they had been impressed by his friendliness and ability to field tough questions.”

Oh, and regarding Wemple’s going away party? It’s still on, just re-named. “All the more reason to have a party! Now it’ll just be all beer and no tears. So same date, same place, still 7 p.m.”