No Money for Mobile Apps During Recession

New mobile applications – and whole app stores – might be cropping up at an astounding rate, but those providers might want to consider the free or ad-supported model, at least in the UK.

According to a new report from market researcher Direct2 Mobile, 53% of the mobile users it polled said they don’t expect to change their mobile buying habits, despite a weak economy. But more than 7% plan to cut out their spending on mobile apps – if they haven’t already, says an article on the study on FierceMobileContent.

Seven percent may not seem like much, but it translates to nearly four million mobile consumers. An additional 20% of respondents said they won’t be subscribing to new mobile services until the economic situation improves.

“Over 50% of mobile users are unaffected by the recession and a sizable chunk of mobile data users reverting to talk-and-text only usage will protect mobile operator revenues during this period of financial hardship,” Direct2 Mobile chief researcher Nick Lane said in a canned statement. “And with 20% of the UK’s mobile population unlikely to subscribe to mobile data subscription services during the recession, it threatens to seriously impact on growth in the mobile content and services sector.”