No Longer a Viral Virgin


Here’s an interesting piece of fun from Design Interact: a story about National Television and Ground Zero, the production company and ad agency, respectively, that put together a viral series for Virgin called “Exercise Your Music Muscle.” It’s a really terrific look into the whole creative process of building something quick and animated and, hopefully, will get talked about. There’s a bit about chosing the style, then the process of having the ad agency work with the production in order to help keep the design cohesive between print and motion, and then all those interesting creative decisions that people spend weeks and weeks on and then you only see sixty seconds worth of stuff. So, if anything, for the sake of people who do that kind of thing for a living, you owe it to them to spend a couple of minutes reading about how they did it. If you do, we’ll try to get them to return the favor by reading the latest entry in your muffin baking blog.