What If The Internet And Social Media Never Existed? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without the internet?

And I don’t mean how you would feel if it had suddenly all been completely erased when you woke up. What if it never existed? How different would everything be? Some 2.3 billion people use the internet worldwide, all of whom are connected, and the internet has given us a wealth of information (across some 550 million websites) that has made it the greatest resource mankind has ever known.

So how would life be if it none of this had ever happened?

Well, we’d have no Twitter, for starters. Or Facebook, Google, Amazon and eBay. But the ramifications go much, much deeper. We’d have no email. The internet has created millions and millions of jobs – all of these would be lost. Trillions of accountable revenue dollars would never have been generated. And, brace yourselves… you wouldn’t even be reading this article.

In short: the world would be a lot different, and feel a lot smaller.

This infographic from Online Education takes a closer look at what would happen if the internet had never existed.

(Source: Online Education. Internet image via Shutterstock.)