No Honeycomb (Android OS 3.0) for Current Generation Tablets (including the Samsung Galaxy Tab)?

If this news from PC World is true, I am really glad I passed on buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Galaxy Tab Won’t Get Honeycomb: Report

We keep hearing heads of tablet manufacturing firms say that Android 2.x is not suitable for tablets and that they are waiting for Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb). So, the news that the Galaxy Tab may be eternally stuck with the “unsuitable” OS 2.x line must be a disappointment to anyone who bought the tablet. provides some insight why current generation Android powered tablets may not be able to upgrade to Honeycomb in the future.

Honeycomb to Require Powerful Processor, Screen: OEM

The main problem is the requirement for a dual-core processor. A second issue is the need for a higher resolution display than currently used (1280×720).

We’ll probably learn more as the week rolls on and announcements start flowing from CES in Las Vegas.