No Company, No Party, Freelancers Throw Their Own X-mas Bash

While in this dire economy most of Hollywood was busy canceling Christmas parties and spreading bad cheer, a few out-of-work freelancers decided to throw their own par-teeee. Though the party was last Thursday (and FBLA was in attendance), details weren’t released until today. Maybe big brother is watching.

Marjorie Kase, a local blogger and founder of MarKyr Media, had this to report:

“I mentioned to my business partner right before Thanksgiving that it was too bad our office wasn’t big enough for a Christmas party. I thought about all the others in our situation – contractors, freelancers, people in small offices who couldn’t afford their own parties (especially in this economy). Thus, the Freelancers Ball was born. I partnered up with my good friend Tracy Fleischman, Political Communication and Strategy consultant for Balcony Films. We called the HMS Bounty, created a Facebook profile, and word spread on a few blogs and on the LA Freelance Meet Up Group.

The party was a great success. The crowd was an eclectic mix of writers, filmmakers, web video folk, tech folk, consultants, and artists. Despite competition from four other similar events that night, we estimate that at least 50 people were there, many who came as a result of word of mouth. Everyone had a blast meeting each other, doing Secret Santa, and making Christmas cards. We plan having more events in the future. All on the cheap of course — Average drink price at the Bounty is less than $4.”

Marjorie Kase
Co-Founder, MarKyr Media –
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Tracy Fleischman
Political Communication and Strategy Consultant, Balcony Films –
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