No Clamoring for Physical iPhone Keyboard: But, Here’s the Ion Audio iType

Image courtesy of Ion Audio

When the iPhone was announced way back in 2007, there was a lot of discussion (mostly negative) about its lack of a physical QWERTY thumb keyboard. I was one of the people denounced the iPhone as useless because of its lack of a keyboard and, in fact, didn’t even consider buying the first iPhone because of that (and its inability to install apps). A funny thing happened since then though. From what I can tell, very few people care that iPhone doesn’t have a physical keyboard or even an option to add one. Apple hasn’t helped since it hasn’t provided any Bluetooth profile to work with wireless keyboards (including Apple’s own BT keyboards for the Mac). Other hardware manufacturers haven’t helped with the effort of rallying consumer demand for phone keyboards. Horribly designed keyboards like the ones for the Motorola Droid (untypeable) or HTC Touch Pro2 (very typeable but missing so many keys that it is often useless). Nevertheless, one company (Ion Audio) has finally produced a keyboard for the iPhone…

Ion Audio iType

Unfortunately, as Engadget reports…

Via Engadget: iType keyboard brings a physical keyboard to the iPhone, but there’s a catch

The catch? The iPhone is essentially a single processing computer from the point of view of third party developers. So, the keyboard only works with the app that comes with the keyboard. You need to use copy and paste to get text from the iType app to other apps like email.