No Adobe Flash for Windows Mobile 6.5, But Windows Phone 7 Will Get It – What About Silverlight?

Here’s a good-news/bad-news story…

Adobe kills Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5, smitten with Windows Phone 7 Series

IMHO, the good news is that Adobe Flash 10.1 will NOT be available for Windows Mobile 6.5. Unfortunately, “ginourmous” multi-megabyte Flash content will saturate networks serving Windows Phone 7 phones. Although I’m in favor of “open” phone markets (Android Market vs. Apple iTunes Store for example), this is one case where I’m hoping Microsoft’s Windows Phone market will keep Flash out in favor of Microsoft’s own Silverlight. Silverlight can have equally gigantic content streams, but it is so rarely used that it doesn not present the problem Flash does.