NLRB Says 11 Albany Times-Union Employees Owed $600,000

The Albany Times-Union laid off 11 workers in 2009 in an event the National Labor Relations Board later ruled to be illegal because the company was still negotiating layoff criteria. Now, the board has determined that the newspaper owes those employees a combined $600,000 in back wages, plus pension accruals and interest.

The Albany Guild reports that one worker, who has still not found a new job, is owed more than $105,000. Another is owed $98,000, and a third will get $80,000.

“From the moment the Times Union began illegally laying off these workers, we put the company on notice that their actions were illegal and we would have no choice but to stand up for our members,” Guild President Tim O’Brien said in a statement. “The company made a choice to continue to break the law. It made a choice to waste tens of thousands of dollars on a losing legal appeal, only to see the decision upheld by the board in Washington, D.C. And now the time has come where the company is about to pay the price for actions it chose to take. ”