NJ’s Internal Love

NJ‘s Digital Editor Dave Beard delivered good news to reporters this week. It showed up in an internal memo in the height of WeinerGate and our attentions were elsewhere. But here it is, complete with the news that NJ is “flexing its muscles as never before for a beyond-the-beltway audience.”

See the internal memo…It’s well-written. You won’t die through it.


I was going to begin the first Monday of May by telling all of our editors to keep up the momentum of a record April.

Didn’t have to. Didn’t need to. Big news happened that Sunday night, and our audience snowballed.

We reached 2.95 million readers in May, up a third from that record-setting April, and had more than 11.6 million pages viewed, another record. And while big news gave us a nice boost, the rise in traffic also reflected a very real building trend we’ve seen ever since launching the new National Journal in October. For the first four months of the year, our average monthly readership was 136 percent above that of Jan-April 2010’s average. The number of pages viewed per month climbed 171 percent, on average.

Readers searching for news on politics, policy – and bin Laden – found a site that could deliver gems, such as Marc Ambinder’s pieces on the secret team that killed bin Laden and the little-known agency that had a key role, Ron Brownstein’s take on Romney’s evangelical problem, Maggie Fox’s look at DNA analysis, or Reid Wilson’s insight on the meaning of Sen. Kohl’s announced departure for the Democratic Party.

That work was complemented by creative, digital-friendly presentations – insightful infographics, explainers, timelines, and galleries, designed for rapid insight and sharing across social media platforms. NationalJournal.com was emphatic on big news, beat competitors on news alerts and stayed up-to-the-minute through a very busy month.

We are delivering inside Washington for subscribers (and will be doing much, much more on that front). We are flexing our muscles as never before for a beyond-the-Beltway audience.

Wouldn’t you know it: There is a strong market for quality news and insight. And we are finding it.

Many thanks,


David Beard
Digital Editor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
National Journal