NJ Gets Nipped, Tucked

In his first big act as the new Editor-in-Chief of National Journal, Tim Grieve, is announcing the “new” National Journal today.

And he’s practically bursting with Christmas joy.

So much so, he’s whisking the staff to the conference room today at 3 p.m. to celebrate. National Journal President Bruce Gottlieb, is also in good spirits. In a note to staff, he declared, “Ron Fournier’s story this morning is entitled ‘The Beginning of the End for Washington.’  Here at the Watergate—even with all that is going on in this city today—it feels like the beginning of a very exciting new chapter at National Journal.”

Among the changes: in addition to a largely new team of reporters, the site is “fully responsive,” which, according to an editor’s note from Grieve, means it “will display beautifully wherever you are and on whatever device you’re using be it your gargantuan desktop, your iPhone or your iPad.

There is also a redesign and reorganization of the homepage. “At the top of our new homepage, you’ll find the best of our latest content displayed all in one so that you can scan it quickly and find the stories that matter to you most,” Grieve explains in his note. “Down below you’ll find more of our stories in chronological order, links to special features, and a ‘Most Read’ list so you’ll know what everyone else is reading.”

Like a certain publication we know that begins with a “P” and ends with an “O,” Grieve, who left Politico on not the most fantastic of terms, also announces the new stress on policy coverage, including a free newsletter called Energy Edge that can be delivered to your inbox every morning. Though he was perceived at Politico to be something of an angry manger, at National Journal Grieve is publicly effusive with his praise for staff (see the gushy note below).

Look for more “policy-specific” sections to hit in the weeks ahead and, he warns, “critical hires.”

In other words, at least in some respects, the politicoization of National Journal is well underway.


Internal email from Grieve to staff

I know it’s early – especially for those of you who were still working a couple of hours ago – but I don’t want another minute to pass without taking note of all the good stuff that’s happening at National Journal today.

First off, there’s the new NationalJournal.com. It’s live, it’s working, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Check it out if you haven’t yet – then plan to gather in the newsroom at 3 p.m. to celebrate the launch and to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.

Second, there’s our shutdown coverage. I’m totally blown away by what you all have done over the last week, and particularly over the last 24 hours. We were on top of every move, and I don’t think there’s a site anywhere that can match the breadth and depth of what we’re offering readers this morning. It’s a good day when you’ve got smart analysis from both Ron Brownstein and Ron Fournier – and it’s a great one when you add in terrific reporting from virtually everyone on the National Journal staff.

Third, there’s our traffic. The September numbers are in, and they’re incredible. We finished the month with more than 3.3 monthly unique visitors. That’s the best traffic we’ve had since at least the 2008 elections – and probably the best ever. It’s also almost double what we were getting at the beginning of this year.

That’s a lot of good news for one note, so I’ll stop now. But please join us at 3 this afternoon – Bruce and I want to thank you all in person.

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