NJ Fournier’s Daughter was Todd’s Babysitter

MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” has a new feature called “Shameless Plugs” that has guests revealing personal details. At the end of the segment, host Chuck Todd gives his panel, often filled with journalists, pols and ex-pols, a moment to say virtually anything they please.

Just as the name suggests, the items are often dripping with familial shout-outs, but it’s not too grating since it’s labeled as such.

“Section front of The Detroit News, first-person [story] of a young girl’s public schools by your former babysitter and my daughter, Holly.” — said NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier this morning. Todd remarked, “Holly Fournier. It’s good to see a Fournier byline again.”

A recent editorial by Holly Fournier appears in The Detroit News in which she recounts her year as an Americorps member in Detroit. Corps members are sent to some of the city’s toughest schools, the story explains. Read it here.

To be clear, Fournier’s daughter babysat Todd’s children, not him.