Nival unleashes Prime World: Defenders on iOS


Strategy game developer Nival has announced the release of Prime World: Defenders on iOS. The game was originally released on PC in 2013, and combines tower defense gameplay with elements from collectible card games. In Prime World: Defenders, players join a group of treasure hunters in a story-driven campaign, which sees them fighting off a mutant horde while collecting resources.

In each level of Prime World: Defenders, players must guard an altar at the end of the path, by building towers or using magical spells to defeat waves of enemies. There are multiple varieties of enemies, each with their own strengths, movement speeds and so on. Players earn currency for defeating enemies, and can spend that on new towers.

Towers are also highly varied, and can slow down enemies, poison them or shoot darts at them from long distances, as examples. As players complete missions, they’ll collect new cards, and can customize their deck of available towers and spells before each mission. Cards can also be fused and upgraded.


Three stars are available on each level, deepening on the health of the altar when the stage was completed. Players can return to previously completed levels to increase their high scores or test new cards and decks. In addition, the currency earned while playing can be spent on multiple skill-trees, unlocking overall boosts for the player (like a boost to the damage of all towers, for example).

Prime World: Defenders is available to download for $4.99 on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.