Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Car Goes Viral

That’s one less chore for your kids to do

Car manufacturers constantly boast about their technological advances, but Nissan is saying it can give customers what they really want: Self-cleaning cars.

Say goodbye to desperate "wash me" pleas written in layers of stagnant dust. If you can believe your eyes, the Japanese brand’s futuristic paint allegedly repels snow, sleet, rain, mud and everything else Mother Nature can throw at it. The ad has been viewed 3.2 million times on YouTube since it was uploaded on April 24. Unfortunately, it's not in production quite yet. 

Another product that can reportedly repel dust and water is the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company’s latest ad shows that the mobile phone is strong enough to withstand a torrent of water from the faucet and the grubby hands of filthy spawn. The spot has been watched upwards of 2.7 million times since April 21.

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