Nintendo to Add Region Locks on the Wii U

Nintendo’s next gaming console is still a couple months away from release, but gamers’ joy at the sophisticated tech and gameplay is already being tempered by bad news.

Nintendo has confirmed the accuracy of a leaked internal doc. Just like on past Nintendo gaming consoles, the Wii U will have region locks which will block players from buying games sold in other parts and playing them on Wii U consoles sold in the US.

While this has always been Nintendo’s policy, it is also more than a little disappointing and frustrating for gamers because we now more than ever live in an age where consumers can buy games from all over the world. And I don’t just mean cheaper games, but games which aren’t available locally but get rave reviews online.

When Nintendo launched the Wii back in 2006, this wasn’t the case. Back then it was far more difficult to order from overseas, and that kept the activity limited to a handful of enthusiasts.