Nintendo 3DS Available in U.S.-Will $40 Game Prices Be Its Limiting Factor?

The $250 Nintendo 3DS is available in the U.S. now. It brings glasses 3D viewing for game play, photos, and vido, motion sensor, gyroscope, and the ability to record 3D photos with its dual rear-facing cameras. Its base price is comparable to Apple’s iPod touch which starts at $229 for the 8GB model. The 3DS’ ability to provide 3D gameplay may or may not be a plus. It really depends on whether or not any of the 3D games avaiable at launch can capture the attention of its target market the way Nintendogs or Brain Age did for earlier DS models.
The 3DS’ biggest obstacle will be the price of its premiere games. These games each sell for $40. A parent for young children or a teenager with his/her own money can buy between 8 and 40 games for an iPod touch for $40. While this difference may not impact initial sales, it may impact the future health of the 3DS market. Buying 2 or 3 games for the 3DS costs $80 or $120. The same amount can buy an awful lot of iOS games, songs, and a video or two for an iPod touch (or iPhone).
Nintendo’s online DSIWare provides the ability to purchase less expensive games online. Games tend to cost around 500 DSI points which is roughly $5. However, the 3D games will probably not be in this price range for the forseeable future.