Nintendo 3DS 3D Gaming Console to get Netflix Streaming Video Later This Year

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting report about Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata and its creative driving force Shigeru Miyamoto. The reason for this article is to reflect on the recent launch of the Nintendo 3DS (with a 3D display) in Japan and its upcoming launch in the U.S. Nintendo’s DS line of portable gaming consoles has been a huge success over the years. However, its popularity has eroded as as other mobile devices like smartphones and the iPod touch has offered more than just gaming to consumers.

Odd Couple Behind Nintendo 3-D Push

A glasses-less 3D display (the 3DS has a lenticular display) is not going to be the only draw for Nintendo’s latest DS model, however. The portable game console will also be able to access Netflix’s large selection of movies and TV shows via streaming video shortly after its U.S. launch.

Netflix Coming to 3DS This Summer

I just hope MiFi and mobile hotspot enabled parents remember that their data plans are usually capped to 5GB or less and don’t see a huge unexpected bill from their children viewing Netflix on their 3DS using the MiFi’s 3G-to-WiFi capability.

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