Ninjump Dash Multiplayer Racing Game Launches on iOS, Android

Ninjump DashDragonvale developer Backflip Studios has announced the launch of Ninjump Dash on iOS and Android devices. The game is the newest installment in the popular Ninjump franchise, which includes titles like the original Ninjump and Ninjump Rooftops. Here, the focus is on multiplayer gameplay, as users can compete against friends and strangers alike in four-person multiplayer races.

In each race of Ninjump Dash, players run automatically across the screen from left to right. Users can jump or double-jump over obstacles and gaps in the path. and can run through mystery boxes to collect power-ups. These powers include speed boosts that help players zoom past competitors, rockets that may hit an opponent and slow them down for a short time, time freezes that slow down time for all other players, shields that protect players from attacks, and more.

Players must spend coins to access multiplayer races (these are earned for free over time or can be purchased with real money), or they can practice for free in races against the computer. Gamers earn experience points as they complete races, and once they reach level three, will unlock a collectible card system for power-ups. These cards can be activated before each race, and impact the game’s existing power-ups in some way. A shield card, for instance, causes the regular shield power-up to absorb two hits while racing, instead of one.

Additional cards can be purchased with coins, or are sometimes earned for free while playing (like for winning a race). Users can also spend their coins on new characters and character costumes, like pirates and pandas. Finally, players can purchase new “taunts” for their character. These taunts can be activated while waiting for a match to begin, and include template phrases and greetings that can be shared with opponents to make the experience more interactive among users.

Ninjump Dash is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.