Ninja Time Pirates’ historical mayhem comes to Google Play

Ninja Time Pirates

After a successful launch on iOS devices and Steam Greenlight (for PC and Mac), HappyGiant’s Ninja Time Pirates has launched on the Android marketplace. The game lets players travel throughout history, meeting and fighting alongside famous historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Cleopatra, just to name a few.

Ninja Time Pirates is an action shooter / RPG set across multiple environments, from Colonial New England and Ancient Egypt to Roswell and the land of Vikings, among others. During each mission, players will encounter aliens and popular conspiracy theories in a lighthearted version of history.

Each level is built around a different set of objectives in three overall categories: capturing, stealth encounters or ultimate destruction. Those goals can be achieved using a variety of weapons, including a plasma blaster, gatling gun, time bomb or minimizer, as examples. Gamers can also get behind the wheel of alien hover tanks, jeeps and the ever-popular UFO.

The game offers 20 story levels at launch, but will be updated with additional content in the future. It’s now available to download for free on Google Play.

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