Ninja Time Pirates celebrates July 4 with multiplayer content update

Ninja Time Pirates

With the upcoming July 4th holiday in the United States, what better way to celebrate America than by blowing up our virtual enemies… with George Washington? That’s one of the many possibilities in HappyGiant’s Ninja Time Pirates, which has received a hefty update just in time for the Independence Day festivities in the States.

This update focuses heavily on multiplayer combat, as users can create and defend their own “Time Base,” and then take the battle to other players, including friends and strangers alike. These battles are called “Time Raids,” and see players battling with their famous historical figures (including Washington, Ben Franklin and Cleopatra), using Sniper Towers, Bunkers and their Time Guardians as AI-controlled defenses.


By battling with others, users have a chance to win Victory Orbs, Gold and Dark Matter for use elsewhere in the game, and will also climb up the app’s leaderboards for bragging rights.

The game’s existing RPG / squad-based shooter gameplay will be updated going forward with additional Time Guardians. Plus, gamers can travel back to Colonial Boston to re-live famous events like “The Shot Heart Round the World” and “Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride,” with the game’s alien-based twists affecting traditional storylines.

Ninja Time Pirates is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. You can follow the app’s stats on AppData.