Ninja Metrics’ Katana Analytics Engine helps developers identify the “Social Value” of users


Ninja Metrics has announced its Katana Analytics Engine, aimed at helping developers identify, isolate and monetize the most influential or valuable users of a mobile app or game, based on what it calls the “Social Value” of each user. This Social Value is described as a “measurement of who influences others and how much that influence is worth in real monetary value.”

The Katana Analytics Engine dashboard gives developers access to user segmentation technology, as well as data based on churn projections, revenue analysis, conversion rates and more.

Developers can use the platform to identify the features within apps that most influence mobile gamers or mobile shoppers, and can use that data to isolate their apps’ most influential or valuable users. The platform allows developers to test the Social Value of users in relation to the predictions made by the system, with Ninja Metrics saying its predictions typically range between 80-90 percent accuracy.

The Katana platform supports both iOS and Android, and was recently expanded into the social gaming and gambling industry.

“Anyone in the industry now has access to an automated predictive analytics engine that used to take an expensive on-site team of data scientists. The results are clear, actionable, and update daily. No white lab coats required.” said Dr. Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics.

“Katana combines best-practice science with business realities. The innovation is daily Social Value scoring, which allows developers to understand their apps, and marketers to quickly monetize the everyday social connections of their customers.”

More information on Katana is available on the Ninja Metrics website.