Nine-hundred Ninety-nine Modern Designs On The Wall


Why not kick off this holiday weekend with some summer reading that will take you into fall of 2009? The hefty three-volume, 999-object Phaidon Design Classics is available for about $100 or $0.10 an object. Rob Forbes seems like he read the thing cover to cover to cover to cover to cover to cover in this commentary at Design Within Reach.

While some are interested in the contents, others are infinitely more intrigued with the presentation–the “overly designed” carrying case (overly designed by Konstantin Grcic, as a matter of fact) is getting blisteringly bad reviews, like this one on the Amazon UK page:

“The books come locked in a plastic outer casing, which has to be the worst designed casing I have ever seen on any book.

I broke the case in 2 minutes and got the 1st book out in 10, it really is that bad, I also have a 2 inch gauge on my hand where the plastic cut into me. (Shame I have had to spend half of my review on it)”

We think this whole debate about the carrying case is funny, actually–like it’s humanly possible to carry those things further than five feet.