Nine Agencies Removed From O’Dwyer’s Rankings

The updated O’Dwyer’s PR agency rankings were published today, and as expected, Waggener Edstrom is not included on the list. Wag Ed had consistently ranked as the number two largest firm.

Among the top 20 firms, Cooney/Waters Group and Allison Partners posted the biggest gains, with 18 and 12 percent revenue increases, respectively.

Jack O’Dwyer told PRNewser that Waggener Edstrom, Taylor, Padilla Speer Beardsley, Weisscomm (WSG), Peppercom, Capstrat, French/West/Vaughn, CRT/Tanaka and Imre were removed from this edition of the rankings.

We asked O’Dwyer what his criteria were for kicking firms off the rankings. “The first thing is they won’t talk to me. They’re like Tiger Woods,” he said.

“They’re cheating me. Think if an agency has 86 employees and one subscription [to O’Dwyers]. Do you think one person is reading it?”

As we previously reported, Waggener Edstrom’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communications Kent Hollenbeck said the agency would not participate in the rankings this year because the list, “has not had a measurable impact on our business efforts for some time.”

Other agencies we’ve spoken with share that sentiment.

On the other hand, O’Dwyer told us that approximately 30 agencies so far have agreed to take group web subscriptions to O’ and receive ads to the value of those site licenses. “Large firms that insist on taking only one or two subs will not be in our rankings,” said O’Dwyer.

The subscription budgets are as follows: $2,000 for agencies with $2M in fees, $3,000 for those with $5M-$10M in fees, and $5,000 for those with $10M and more.

The total fees on O’Dwyer’s 132 agency list total more than $1.2 billion.