NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower Reaches 1M Daily Active Users

NimbleBit, the studio bootstrapped by two brothers that went on to claim Apple’s Game of the Year, said its casual hit Tiny Tower has reached 1 million daily active users. Co-founder Ian Marsh said the game is now supporting 10 million sessions per day.

Considering that they told us just three weeks ago that it had 600,000 daily active users, San Diego-based NimbleBit is getting a big boost from being showcased by Apple. One million daily actives for a single game is a very respectable number considering that much bigger, publicly-traded companies like Zynga hover around 13 million daily actives on smartphones.

That’s not to mention the fact that last month about 5 percent of Tiny Tower’s users were paying an average of $10 each. (A fuller breakdown is here in our interview with them.)

Somewhat surprisingly, the Marsh brothers told us that they start by designing games without any in-app purchases at all. That’s how they produce a game that’s fun and doesn’t feel like it pressures users to pay.

“We tend to fret a lot more over putting character and cool stuff into our games over manipulating how the game works in order to maximize certain metrics,” David Marsh told us in the interview. “As developers, we get more excited about putting cool stuff into the game than endlessly changing the experience to maximize revenue because we spend a lot of time playing the games.”